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Welcome back to Open House. Randy Seidman here with another two hours of the grooviest beats. Coming up this month I’m playing the Showbox in Seattle on February 11th, and in March I’m heading to Mexico and Asia. To keep up with my travels and tunes, follow me @randyseidman. I hope to see you on the dance floor. Fresh jams in the first hour followed by an exclusive session with the talented rising star in the melodic game, Aaron Suiss. For now, turn it up.

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Randy Seidman’s Track List:
01) Daniel Rateuke – Limber (Original Mix)
02) Matt Rowan, Robbie Lowe – Luminary (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix)
03) Underher – Into The Night (Space Food Remix)
04) Da Fresh – Heyoka (Original Mix)
05) D-nox, Zac – Fusion (Original Mix)
06) Tali Muss – Tulum (Original Mix)
07) Alexey Union – Sarabi (Original Mix)
08) Balcazar, Betoko – Somniak (Original Mix)
09) Gulec – Freefall (Original Mix)
10) OIBAF&WALLEN – Sighs (Original Mix)
11) Stratoverb – Magnetical (Original Mix)
12) Sensetive5 – Into The Shadows (Original Mix)
13) Natascha Polké – Burning Out (Original Mix)


I hope you enjoyed the first hour, some of my top recent jams. Up next is a talented US born, Mexico based talent who earned his stripes on the beaches of Thailand and has since gone on to conquer the world. With releases on quality imprints such as Timeless Moment, Dessert Hearts Black, Heinz, and ICONYC, Aaron has gained the support of heavy hitters like Hernan Cattaneo, D-Nox, Nora En Pure, Miss Monique and many more. He also manages Outta Limits, the legendary label of Stan Kolev & Matan Caspi. With recent stage time at Universo Paralello in Brazil and EDC in Mexico City, along with a full slate of upcoming gigs around the States and Asia, it’s clear this is a man to keep your ears on. For the next hour, Aaron Suiss is in the mix.

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Aaron Suiss’s Track List:
01) Beckers, D-Nox – Control (James Harcourt Remix)
02) Quivver – Edges (Original Mix)
03) Stan Kolev – All Along (Original Mix)
04) Madmotormiquel – Cool Trainer (Fulltone Remix)
05) Dezza, Josh Kelly – Northern Star (Matan Caspi Extended Remix)
06) 6A – Last95 – Zvezdara (Original Mix)
07) 08 Dezza – Juniper (Extended Mix)
08) 08 JP Lantieri – Pinot Grigio (Stan Kolev Remix)
09) Jos & Eli – Atomica (Yotto Remix)
10) Beckers, D-Nox – Loveland (Original Mix)
11) All Living Things – Programme Music (Original Mix)