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Welcome back to Open House. Randy Seidman coming to you from Thailand with another two hours of the grooviest beats. Had a great time playing last month in Mexico City, Chicago and Toronto. This month I’m at the mighty Jungle Experience in Koh Phangan, Ministry of Sound in London, Liaison Room in Philly, and House of Blues in Boston. To keep up with my travels and tunes, follow me @randyseidman. Fresh jams in the first hour followed by an exclusive session with one of my all time favorite artists, Under Sanctions. You can grab all past episodes and track lists from, Soundcloud, or wherever you like to download your favorite podcasts. For now, turn it up.

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Randy Seidman’s Track List:
01) Selva & Hugo Cantarra Ft. Jodie Knight – Don’t Talk (My Baby) (Instrumental Mix)
02) Dorian Craft, Lvtece – Yume (Original Mix)
03) Daniel Rateuke – Hyper (Original Mix)
04) Matan Caspi, Ziger – Butterfly (Original Mix)
05) Avar Garden – Future (Project 13) (Da Fresh Remix)
06) Michael Hooker – Thoughts Of You (Quivver Remix)
07) – Innerspace (Original Mix)
08) Local Dialect – Rakshasi (Space Food Remix)
09) Local Dialect – Perseus (Extended Mix)
10) Minörs – Narayannah (Original Mix)
11) Gaia Ekho – Sheepstealer (Rauschhaus Remix)
12) Jiggler – Nebula (Original Mix)
13) Mahalo, Milkwish – Social Experiment (Original Mix)
14) Teklix – Dusky Moorish (Original Mix)


I hope you enjoyed the first hour, some of my top recent jams. Up next is one of my favorite artists, the Batumi based prodigy behind the prolific House Music project MART, and head selector of the hot imprint, Unparalleled Things. Today I’m pleased to welcome this man whose music is played by the biggest names in the game. Today he is here just for you. For the next hour, Under Sanctions is in the mix.

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Under Sanction’s Track List:
01) Manuel De La Mare, Luigi Rocca – Here I Am Once Again (Original Mix)
02) Under Sanctions – Party On Tattooine (Original Mix)
03) Vakabular, Workover – Ears Blinding (Original Mix)
04) DJ Chus, Dean Mickoski – Panamera (Original Mix)
05) Moska, Calussa, LA Guru – Adios (After Hours Mix)
06) Povar, Starving Yet Full, WilyamDeLove – Power (Extended Mix)
07) Under Sanctions – Keep Your Self (Extended Mix)
08) Yotto, Something Good – Rhythm (Of The Night) (Extended Mix)
09) Dj Chus, Olly Klars – To The Moon feat. Tosz (Extended Mix)
10) Silver Panda & Q.U.A.K.E – Devotion (Original Mix)
11) Under Sanctions – The Only Echo (Original Mix)
12) Moonwalk & EarthLife – Dark Waves (Original Mix)
13) Vakabular, Aerofeels – Argonauts (Extended Mix)