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Welcome back to Open House! Randy Seidman here, with another two hours of the grooviest beats. Back home from an amazing month on the road, with shows in Malta, Thailand, and all over Australia. Also, last week, my new tune ‘Hunch’ was released on Siona and played live by Miss Monique for her label’s 5 year anniversary YouTube special. Check it out on Spotify, Beatport, or wherever online music is sold. Another exciting episode is in store for you today, a portion of my recent set recorded at Bangkok’s underground hotspot, Mustache, followed by an exclusive session with that club’s acclaimed resident, the French phenom, Dalah. You can grab all past episodes and track lists from, Soundcloud, or wherever you like to download your favorite podcasts. For now, turn it up.

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Randy Seidman’s Track List:
01) Alexey Romeo, Savin – Neon Lights (Original Mix)
02) Andrewboy – Time to Save Our Mother Earth (Randy’s ‘Thats Who We Are’ Edit)
03) Tryger, NAASA – Satellite (Original Mix)
04) Camelphat ft. Rhodes – Home (Vintage Culture Remix)
05) Jono Stephenson – Enigma (Original Mix)
06) VARGO – Serenity (Rauschhaus Remix)
07) Widerberg, Dsnt Matter – Blame (Randy’s ‘Let’s Dance’ Edit)
08) Ashkan Dian – Coming Alive (Rauschhaus Remix)
09) David Tort, Markem – Cosmos (Randy’s ‘Survive’ Edit)
10) – Innerspace (Randy’s ‘Children / Shiver’ Edit)
11) Aerofeel5, Vakabular – Bright Spot (Original Mix)
12) HUTS, Roland Clark – Elevate (Randy’s ‘Domino’ Edit)
13) Vakabular – Proper Time (Randy’s ‘What Is Love’ Edit)
14) Antdot – Mirrors (Randy’s ‘Dance With Me’ Edit)
15) RoelBeat, IMEN – Hyperborea (Original Mix)
16) Belocca – Piece Of Myself (Original Mix)
17) Space Motion, Talón – Uplifting Robot (Randy Edit)
18) No Hopes – Punsh (Original Mix)
19) Memos – Ready to Dream (Rauschhaus Remix)

I hope you enjoyed the first hour, a portion of my recent set recorded at Bangkok’s underground hotspot, Mustache. Up next is the talented resident music selector for this club, a man whose versatility and consistency has earned him the respect of quality DJ’s around the world, and whose passion has allowed him to tour the Mustache brand, bringing top notch music events all over Southeast Asia. We had a blast playing this night together, creating an instant bond. Today he’s here just for you. For the next hour, Dalah is in the mix.

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Dalah’s Track List:
01) THMS – Digitalis (Original Mix)
02) Lucas Kanaloa – Real Carey (Original Mix)
03) Jiminy Hop – Agmoli (Original Mix)
04) D-Nox, DJ Zombi – There Is Hope (Original Mix)
05) Lucas Kanaloa – Lights to Nowhere (Original Mix)
06) NUFECTS – Mojana (Original Mix)
07) Jiminy Hop – Agmoli (Alex O’Rion Remix)
08) Gorkiz, Matt Oliver – Big Bottom (Original Mix)
09) Hassan Maroofi – Hedayat (Molac Remix)
10) Chavi, Moogish, Arken X – Mahadeva (Original Mix)
11) Tantum – Secondary (Original Mix)
12) Agustin Pengov, Farumu – Göreme (Original Mix)
13) Christopher K – It Rained All Night (Chris Doppler Remix)
14) Wawda, Mulo – Meteor (Original Mix)