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Scrubs and a scalpel are far from traditional attire and equipment for a DJ, but then again Boris MD isn’t your conventional DJ. A medical doctor, a surgeon no less, is the last person you would expect to find behind turntables at filled-to-capacity venues and a DJ is the least likely person to conduct surgery in the operating room. Yet, Boris MD comfortably lives the double life so naturally and with such ease that would make Dr. Jekyll jealous. Most people have a hard enough time focusing on one career while Boris MD lives like a modern-day superhero, trading his scrubs and smock for headphones and a turntable as he descends upon the dance and electronic music world. It’s a comfortable place for him; both careers rely on precision and attention to detail, confidence and expertise, and above all as a surgeon and a DJ it’s Boris MD’s job to make sure you feel better. From the sounds of it music is just what the doctor ordered, medicine for the mind, body and soul. You can expect great things from Boris MD; the best is definitely yet to come. This is one doctor who is ready to rock the house and he’s licensed to do it.

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Boris MD’s Track List:

01) Ronte Monte Mo – Katrin Malt
02) Alex Young – Minimofongo
03) Daniel Steinberg – Rush Me
04) Adam K, Gabe – The Mask
05) Mini Cool Boyz – Poison Our Blood (Alberto Pascual Remix)
06) Mario Miranda – Cake (Glitter Remix)
07) Robytek, Ralf Armani – Alturas
08) Namito – Train to Tehran
09) Gui Boratto – Telecaster
10) Marascia – The Mood