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Hi everyone, welcome back to a special holiday edition of Open House… a groovy exclusive Chill Out session with your host! Following the wide support of my first Chill Out mix, featured on OH 058 this past May, I decided to put together another something mellow for the holidays. This mix features some of my favorite recent eclectic tunes, from Ambient to Chill Out to Break Beat… I hope you enjoy, for more information about me, click HERE.

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Randy Seidman’s Track List:

01) Chris Reece – The Divine Circle (Piano Intro)
02) DJ Orion & J. Shore – Architects Dream (Electronic Architecture 2 Dub)
03) Ad Brown – Wind Chimes (Chillout Mix)
04) Naoki Kenji – Into The Deep Sea (Original Mix)
05) Shingo Nakamura & Kazusa – Dice (Ambient)
06) Scrooge – The Storm (Original Mix)
07) John O’Callaghan f. Betsie Larkin – Impossible To Live Without You (Album Mix)
08) Kirsty Hawkshaw f. Tenisha – Invisible (Kopi Luwka Mix / Randy Seidman Edit)
09) Christian Hornbostel – Waiting At Potsdamer (Chaussee ReEdit)
10) Claes Rosen – Ivory Bells (Original Mix)
11) FDN – Soleil (Original Mix)
12) Dinka – Campfire (Interlude)
13) Diascries – Anemone (Original Mix)
14) Alex Hentze – I Don’t Care (Original Mix)
15) Diplo & Oliver Twizt – GO (Swarms Remix)
16) Aeron Aether & Embliss – A New Dawn (Randy Seidman Edit)
17) Dezza & Sebastian Szczerek f. Minette – Memories of Love (Ambient Mix)
18) Andrew Bayer – We Will Return (Original Mix)
19) Moonbeam f. Blackfeel Wite – Inside My Dream (Randy Seidman No Vox Outro)