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Hello everyone! Randy here, back with another two hours of the grooviest beats. BPM in Portugal was awesome, also fun times this past week playing with James Zabiela in LA. Playing on the Caribbean island of St. Martin this month, followed by November dates in the States, Asia in December, and back to Australia in January. The talented globetrotting, party-throwing, label-owning artist known as Biscuit, stops by for a sesh in hour-two, but for now, turn it up.

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Randy Seidman’s Track List:
01) Escenda – Out Of Moves (Kastis Torrau Remix)
02) Rue – The Cult (Enamour’s Free Love Mix)
03) Spacebeat – Winter Phase (Kobb ‘White Pill’ Remix)
04) Randy Seidman & Steve Porter – Safe Passage (Chris Micali Deeper Mix)
05) N/UM – Aporia (Miyagi Remix)
06) Luigi Gori Larsun Hesh – Torque (Original Mix)
07) Sezer Uysal – Les Vents Orbitales (Original Mix)
08) Doctor Dru – Alpha Ray (Original Mix)
09) Fon Leman – Voices In My Head (Original Mix)
10) Exostate – Cruel (Diversion Remix)
11) Chris Domingo & Miss T – Prisoners (Extended Dub Mix)


I hope you enjoyed the first hour, some of my top recent tunes. Up next is one of my favorite Kuala Lumpur based artists, a talented woman who wears many hats, from party-thrower to label-owner to globetrotting DJ, her weekly events have helped launch SE Asia to the forefront of Asia’s underground music scene. For the next hour, Biscuit is in the mix.

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Biscuit’s Track List:
01) Dani Ramos – Guess What (Original Mix)
02) Microlab – Avocado (Original Mix)
03) Javier Labarca – Daurica (Original Mix)
04) Mihai Popoviciu – Understand (Original Mix)
05) Legit Trip – Ozero (Original Mix)
06) Javier Labarca – Ultimo Poeta (Original Mix)
07) Mauro Calderon – How We Do (Juliche Hernandez Remix)
08) East End Dubs – Transcendense (Original Mix)
09) Rone White, Alessandro Diruggiero – Keep Going (Original Mix)
10) East End Dubs – bRave (Enzo Siragusa’s Back To ’93 Remix)
11) OtherKind – Echo (Original Mix)
12) Olivian Nour – Pasta (Bandcamp Exclusive)
13) Subb-an, Isis Salam – Body In Time (Original Mix)
14) Ryan Crosson – ITYC (Original Mix)
15) Guti – Red Eye (Priku Remix)