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Welcome back to Open House. Randy Seidman here with another two hours of the grooviest beats. A solid episode is lined up for you today, some of my favorite recent tunes in the first hour, followed by an exclusive session with the talented legend out of Spain, D-Formation. You can grab all past episodes of Open House at Soundcloud or subscribe for free on all Apple and Android platforms. For now, turn it up.

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Randy Seidman’s Track List:
01) All Living Things – Programme Music (Original Mix)
02) Alexey Union, Ira Ange – Siyai Feat. Ira Ange (Original Mix)
03) Volen Sentir – Fatoumata (Original Mix)
04) Dirty Doering – Papsak (Original Mix)
05) Animal Picnic, Ran Salman – Mind Maze (Original Mix)
06) Doctor Dru – Ambius (Original Mix)
07) Sebastian Weikum – Lot (Original Mix)
08) Kellerkind Feat. Sven – Shakti Pan (Original Mix)
09) Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus (The Blockchain Remix)
10) Fly, Mr. Chuck, Sasha Fashion – Time Steel (Original Mix)
11) SHMN – Solar Affair feat. Gabriel Lynch (Original Mix)
12) Luthier – Maya (Original Mix)
12) Oxia – Domino (Frankey & Sandrino Remix)


I hope you enjoyed the first hour, some of my favorite recent tunes. Up next is the talented Spanish artist, D-Formation. With his own succesful imprint, Beatfreak Recordings, as well as releases on top labels such as Yoshitoshi, it’s no wonder D-Formation has gained the support of artists such as Digweed, Carl Cox, Tenaglia, and even Tiesto. He’s been a favorite of mine for years, so I’m excited to have D on the show. For now, turn it up.

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D-Formation’s Track List:
01) Fairchild & Nox Vahn – Earth Call (Original Mix)
02) Nichols (UK) – Nine Lives (Original Mix)
03) UNDERHER & Just Emma – Voyager Feat. Hansome Eli (Fur Coat Remix)
04) Fenix J, Mario Eighta – Dullness (Original Mix)
05) Nadya (RU) – Gravity Circle (D-Formation Remix)
06) Innellea – Mars’s Moon (Original Mix), Diynamic Music
07) Westbam – You Need The Drugs Feat. Richard Butler (&Me Remix)
08) Nadya (RU) – Last Take (blaktone Remix)
09) Arude – Avoid The Fear (Original Mix)
10) Vintash – Medici (Original Mix)
11) Baime – Cella (Original Mix)